• Kris Wu poses with Vin Diesel on the set of the Hollywood film "xXx 3."

Kris Wu poses with Vin Diesel on the set of the Hollywood film "xXx 3." (Photo : Instagram/Kris Wu)

Former EXO members Kris Wu and Luhan, are back in SM Entertainment's turf. This happened after their two-year long legal battle finally ended with a settlement which upholds the Korean agency's contract with the idols.

The two Chinese artists tried to terminate their contract with SM Entertainment, citing unjust terms and lack of support as reasons. Wu left SM in April 2014 and in May, he filed his human rights violation case versus the agency. In October 2014, Luhan also left SM and filed a lawsuit on grounds of discrimination.

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With their departure from the agency and group EXO, the two artists started their own careers back in their hometown China. SM Entertainment sued Wu and Luhan since they still have an existing contract with the them, which only means that engaging in work and activities without SM's consent is a breach of contract.

After a series of lawsuits, counter suits and mediations, the conflict between Wu, Luhan and SM Entertainment were settled, with the former EXO members agreeing to continue their contracts with the agency. On July 21, Wu's legal team revealed that their client just signed a new agreement with SM Entertainment. The revised contract states that Wu can work in and outside of China and Korea, OSEN reported.

Luhan's lawyers also confirmed that their client renewed his contract with SME and just like what was stated in Wu's contract, he is also allowed to work in China and anywhere else. The new agreements will be effective until 2022, the same expiration year as with their original contracts.

While Luhan and Wu's return to SME has been confirmed, fans who were hoping for a reunion with their EXO team will be disappointed, as the agency made it clear that the two will not be part of EXO anymore. They will instead be managed as solo artists who will pursue acting and recording careers, Sports Today has learned.

The full details of the settlement between the parties involved have not been released because of the court's order for confidentiality. 

Watch the fancam of Luhan and Wu's first meeting in China after leaving EXO: