• Game developer Telltale Games reveals their latest episodic video game, "Batman The Telltale Series."

Game developer Telltale Games reveals their latest episodic video game, "Batman The Telltale Series." (Photo : YouTube/PlayStation)

"Batman - The Telltale Series" has gotten numerous complaints during its recent PC launching on Steam. The first episode of the episodic video game does well in other platforms and challenges the players to see how far they can push Batman.

Several Steam users have posted a lot of complaints on the video game's official Steam page after its PC version was launched. They are upset at different issues that this version has from controller problems to performance slowdowns.

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On Steam user wrote that after he figured out how to make the video game display on 1080p and on Fullscreen, he could not start it. The issue was that his mouse was stuck in a box in the upper left corner of the screen. This made it impossible for him to hit the continue button on the brightness slider.

Another Steam user complained that the controller layout for the game has issues. He reported that when he used a controller and pressed the RT and A buttons, it failed a certain scene of the game. He later found out that the RT button was improperly mapped to the LT button.

A Steam user reported that the game has 10 FPS for him at the moment, and he uses the GTX 870 video card. He also complained that certain bugs have appeared at the beginning of the episode, and it could only be fixed by restarting from the checkpoint.

Another Steam reviewer speculated that the cause of the different issues was due to the GPU used. Other reviewers have said that the game is running on their integrated GPUs, and not the dedicated ones. This has resulted in a decrease in performance when they try to switch them, and this usually happens on laptops.

In other "Batman" related news, the first episode of the episodic video game has challenged the players to see how far they could push the Dark Knight. According to Kotaku, the quality of the series will depend on how well the game developers could push him to his limits.

The publication revealed that the biggest threat in the series is the status quo. Players love the games for Telltale games due to its interactive stories that involve interesting dilemmas.

Players are faced with a few tough decisions in the first chapter, but the publication is not sure if the developers could deliver properly. They are afraid that they could not give them shocking consequences like from the other game series like "The Walking Dead."

Check out the video game's world premiere trailer video below: