• London's iconic back taxis line up the streets of London.

London's iconic back taxis line up the streets of London. (Photo : Getty Images)

The London Taxi Company, now partly owned by Geely, is excited to see the newly designed and modern black taxis. The newly manufactured taxis are now modern and environmentally safe.

Geely's electronic taxi can fit one more extra person. The cab also has a wheelchair position to fit in handicapped passengers.

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Chris Gubbey, CEO of London Taxi, said, "The model is designed to take on the challenges faced by many major cities, such as air pollution and over-crowdedness."

The car manufacturer decided to retain the classic deign with the headlights and taxi sign but added on a panoramic roof and WiFi connectivity.

Adam Soller said, "I really like that they kept the iconic design and can take on an extra passenger."

Soller is co-partner of London Photo Taxi Tour, a company that offers tourists a customized service in black cabs.

Geely bought shares of London Taxi Company (LTC) three years ago when it was on the brink of bankruptcy. The value of the acquisition was 11.4 million pounds or $14.6 million.

The company then started making the prototype when Gelly invested 300 million pounds in a research facility in the U.K. The facility has an area of 30,000 square meters of production space and 6,000 square meters of office area.

This is the first automotive plant constructed in the U.K. in 10 years.

Gubbey said that LTC's relationship with Geely has an atmosphere of partnership and learning. He said, "Even if the company owns Volvo and LTC, it feels like you are in a partnership, instead of having a controlling entity."

LTC will release the cabs in the middle of next year with a limited number to test the reception of the market towards the newly designed taxis.