• BLACKPINK's Jennie Kim

BLACKPINK's Jennie Kim (Photo : YouTube/GlobalBLACKPINK)

BLACKPINK's Jennie Kim bullying scandal was raised again by some netizens shortly after her debut.

In 2012, when YG was trying to build the anticipation of a new girl group, Jennie Kim was featured by some YG artists. She was posted in Taeyang's Instagram and was featured in GDragon's songs "Black" and "That XX".

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However, someone who claimed to be Jennie Kim's former classmate posted online:

Kim Jennie is an early 96er and I'm a 95er so we were in the same grade in New Zealand. Kim Jennie came to New Zealand to study abroad in elementary school and attended the ACG Parnell College until six months into her third year of junior high school before she returned to Korea to attend a junior high school in Chungdam. She was then cast by YG. Her face was always pretty, I don't think she had any work done since her face is exactly as how I remember it back then.

At the time I was studying abroad in 2010, I was in the same class as her. It hadn't been that long since I had arrived so my English was poor and I became the victim of bullying ostracization by Kim Jennie and her foreign friends. I thought of suicide then because it was so hard to endure. I noticed that the internet is ablaze with T-ara's bullying issue, but in my opinion, Kim Jennie was just as worse, if not more...

Personality wise, everything has to go her way... She'd throw juice, trash, and balls at me and laugh while doing so.. Seeing someone that tortured me in the past preparing to come out on TV as a celebrity as if her past doesn't matter makes me sick. I never used to believe any of the rumors that surrounded other celebrities, but I can see that there wouldn't be smoke without fire now.

I'm not jealous of her fame or her looks or anything.. I admit that she's pretty. I'm also not a Big Bang fan or a fan of any other group - I have no interest in those things. I don't care whether she's in G-Dragon's MV or YG keeps hyping her. My point is, I just want people to see who she really is.

Soul's beauty is as important as look

Ah seriously , did you hear rumors ?! Sure , if not then you'd never be reading this !

I'm not the kind to believe ridiculous rumors but in this case it's pretty logic since her victims showed proves

And there's no way she'd be accepted by Koreans ✖ since they want a cute personality not an ex-bullier to her classmates

This is probably one of the reasons on the delay of the debut of the new YG girl group. However, it was later found out that the rumor was made by a certain Mr. Lee, who is a YG hater. Mr. Lee was arrested and confessed that none of the rumors were true.

There are speculations that this could be a ploy by YG who has a good PR team. They were able to resolve some of the biggest scandals of its artists like Daesung's alleged murder and GDragon's marijuana scandals.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK debut on Aug. 8 by dropping two music videos - "BOOMBAYAH" and "Whistle" that received an all-kill status in various music charts. The group is set to release six more songs as part of their debut.

As the new girl group is gaining steam, the profile of each member is gaining attention from the media and netizens. YG Entertainment has officially revealed the members of BLACKPINK - Jennie Kim, Lalisa Manoban, Kim Jisoo, and Park Roseanne.