• Bleach is a manga created by mangaka Tite Kubo.

Bleach is a manga created by mangaka Tite Kubo. (Photo : Twitter/Bleach)

The final chapter of "Bleach" will be released on Thursday and spoilers on the finale are now out online. Perhaps, the biggest shocker in this chapter is Ichigo having a son with Inoue.

"Bleach" chapter 686 spoilers are now out in Manga Sail and the center color cover page features Ichigo and all his friends' appearance 10 years later. The story continues from where it left off last chapter where Ichigo is now married with Inoue and they have a son named Kurosaki Kazui.

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The recently promoted captain Rukia Kuchiki is now married to Renji Abarai and they also have a kid named Abarai Ichika. Ichigo, Inoue, Karin and Yuzu are seen watching Chad's WBO World Heavyweight Title match fight.

Also, a flashback from 10 years ago will ensue where Yhwach told Ichigo that he closed the path to a world free of fear. His ultimate goal was to unite the living and the dead as the leader of the Quincy wanted a world where no one has to fear death. Aizen is also back to a prison cell and he shared his thoughts on Yhwach's dream. For him, a life without death is a world where people will not search for hope.

Back at Ichigo's house, Rukia's daughter pops out of the wall and meets Kazui. She introduces herself as a Shinigami-in-training. Her hair resembles Renji's and her eyes are like Rukia's. Kazui also introduced himself as a Shinigami and he changes to his Shinigami robe as well as revealing his Zanpakutou.

Fans over at Reddit believe this is the perfect ending for the anime as it felt like every loose ends were tied up. However, some were not convinced as Ishida's whereabouts were not even mentioned. He is an integral part of the story as he is one of the few surviving members of the Quincy clan. Also, some felt that Grimmjow and Nel's should have been revealed as well since they were the only Arrancars that are alive.

A huge announcement is expected to be revealed along with the chapter and some suggest it may be an anime continuation of the manga. Here is a video review of the previous chapter.