• In this photo illustration Google's Chrome, Google Inc.'s new Web browser is displayed on a laptop.

In this photo illustration Google's Chrome, Google Inc.'s new Web browser is displayed on a laptop. (Photo : Getty Images/Alexander Hassenstein)

Google Cast is now built-in to Chrome to make it convenient for consumers to use. The new update also added some new features to the application.

According to the official blog of Google Chrome, the application will not need the extension anymore to transfer the consumers' media to their TV. They will not have to install or configure anything at all, since it will go together with the app.

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Websites that have integrated with Cast will have the Cast icon when the consumer is on the same network as the Cast device. They will only have to press a few clicks to view all of their content on their TV or listen to their music on their speakers.

The new upgrade also came with new features of Chrome. Consumers can view websites that are not integrated with Cast on their TVs. They can do this by selecting the Cast menu item from the Chrome menu.

Users of the app can also cast to even more places. They can share with other users on a video call in Google Hangouts, and the Cast for Education app. With this feature, they can give a presentation to their peers at work during a Hangout or teach a class with this app.

According to the official website of Google, users of Chrome will only need to follow a few simple steps in order to use Chromecast. After completing the steps, they will be able to play their videos on their TV from Google Cast-enabled sites like YouTube.com.

Consumers should download Chrome first before they do anything else. After installation, the application will update automatically. They should also check if they are running its latest version before proceeding. They are also encouraged to review the minimum system requirements if they want to cast a tab to their Chromecast to watch video on TV.

The website also revealed that there are several ways to cast content from Chrome. One method is to just get content from a Cast-enabled site. Another method is through the Chrome Settings menu, which lets them choose the device they want to cast to.

Consumers can also just open a new tab in the Chrome browser, right click on the webpage, and click Cast. The last option is to use the Google Cast extension, which can be found in the Chrome toolbar in the upper right corner.

Check out the Chromecast: For Bigger Plays video below: