• Jealously Incarnate

Jealously Incarnate (Photo : YouTube)

“W Two Worlds” has just three episodes left before it ends on Sept. 14, giving KBS hope that "Uncontrollably Fond" would be able to improve viewership which has gone down to single-digit. The show airs its 19th and 20th episodes on Wednesday and Thursday this week at 10 p.m. over KBS2.

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While “W” would bow out, it seems this early, “Uncontrollably Fond” has a strong competition from "Jealously Incarnate," the latest Hallyu to hit South Korean television which airs on Thursdays and Fridays at 8:10 p.m. on cable TV channel One. For its premiere week, the show got a 9.1 percent viewer rating, second to “W Two Worlds” which got 11.9 percent, while “Uncontrollably Fond” got only 7.9 percent.

The weather drama stars rom-com queen Gong Hyo Jin as a weathercaster Pyo Na Ri who dreams of moving up and one day being promoted to TV news anchor. She takes her job seriously, although many people around Pyo Na Ri belittle the importance of weather reports.

Her love interest in the series is top reporter Lee Hwa Shin, played by Jo Jung Suk, whose acting, personality and fair complexion has impressed Pyo Na Ri.

Since her weather report runs for only 60 seconds, Pyo Na Ri volunteers to help around in production every night and becomes everyone’s go-fer person to perform all unwanted side jobs, reported Bitbag. Despite the low pay of her work, she keeps her job because it helps support her brother’s tuition.

This early, industry observers are asking if it would be the weather drama that would be the heir apparent of “Descendants of the Sun” or would it eventually also fail into oblivion?