• Chinese tech firm introduces first full screen smartphone with VR and 3D technology.

Chinese tech firm introduces first full screen smartphone with VR and 3D technology. (Photo : Getty Images)

Chinese tech firm SuperD Technology unveiled the first ever full display handset that integrates 2D, 3D, and virtual reality in a single device dubbed as SuperD D1.

The new device which was introduced during a conference hosted by SuperD Technology in Beijing boasts the never-before-seen swift switching between 2D, 3D, and VR modes.

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Citing the Shenzhen-based company, China Daily explained that the innovation was made possible by a SuperD VR motion-sensing vision chip which was added to the configured GPU of a traditional smartphone.

Because of this, the rendering speed of the device in switching between different visual modes was enhanced, reduced image latency and creation of corresponding body sensation. This allows the device to establish clear and precise images.

The device is available for purchase starting September 12 in JD.com as well as the company's official website, SuperD.cn .

SuperD's chief executive officer Michael Hsu also revealed the company's goal to boost China's VR market.

"We've been speeding up interactive content building, and by introducing the SuperD VR content and Meidou live TV platform, we're able to provide huge storage of 3D and VR resources, including a massive number of 3D movies, hundreds of 3D/VR games, thousands of VR videos and numerous 3D/VR applications," Hsu explained.

An official press release from SuperD published in Market Wired revealed some of the company's other ventures including the SuperD VR ONE, a micro display digital light mapping VR helmet.

This product showcases SuperD's "unique approach to the application of optics" which features "unparalleled visual effect within a substantially lighter and thinner device."

Aside from that, SuperD VR ONE is equipped with an ultra HD LCD screen which has a single eye PPI over 600.

During the conference that introduces these technologies, Olympic Men's Dual badminton champions Fu Haifeng and Zhang Nan also had the privilege of introducing the SuperD technologies.

"Today I have the honor of seeing the SuperD full display mobile phone and it is amazing! It is an incredible amount of fun! I never knew cell phones could be used in this way!" Fu said of the SuperD products.