• “The Winds of Winter” is the sixth installment of the of “A Song of Ice and Fire,” the basis of HBO’s popular series “Game of Thrones.”

“The Winds of Winter” is the sixth installment of the of “A Song of Ice and Fire,” the basis of HBO’s popular series “Game of Thrones.” (Photo : YouTube/ The Winds of Winter)

George R.R. Martin has finally talked about the status of his much-awaited book, "The Winds of Winter." The author of "A Song of Ice and Fire" admitted that he is still currently working on the masterpiece.

HBO's "Game of Thrones" is a few seasons away from the epic series finale, and now fans are clamoring for what Martin has in store as he prepares for the said ending. Latest reports suggest that the author will not be wrapping up "Game of Thrones" franchise just yet, since he recently unveiled a lot of "fake history" related to the series.

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"I do have thousands of pages of fake history of everything that led up to Game of Thrones," Martin told Entertainment Weekly. "So there's a wealth of material there and I'm still writing more."

As a result, aficionados were quick to conclude that a prequel might be looming despite Martin being busy with his prior commitments. However, the famed author clarified the speculation, asserting that for now, there is still the show to complete besides two books that he should finish.

"The Winds of Winter" has been pushed back a number of times and fans think that it is long overdue for the launch. With the hype building up, Martin chose not to talk about dates anymore to avoid disappointing fans.

Those who cannot wait for 'The Winds of Winter" to be officially released can lay their hand on an early preview of the book in digital form. An excerpt from the upcoming novel has been included in "Game of Thrones: Enhanced Edition" released on Sept. 29 on iBooks.

Martin told The Bookseller that it is now a period in the history of publishing. According to the author, the digital book gives readers the capability to experience all the rich secondary material that had not been possible in the past.

The excerpt will have an interactive content that offers vivid details of the "Game of Thrones" universe. Martin added that anything that confuses fans is right at their fingertip. The excerpt, which is now available for $8.99, is an amazing next step in the world of books.

Other books in the series that will be available in enhanced digital edition include "A Clash of Kings" to come out on Oct. 27, "A Storm of Swords" set for Dec. 15, "A Feast of Crows" to release in February 2017, and "A Dance of Dragons" in March 2017. Here is a sneak peek for details on "The Winds of Winter":