• A Chinese villager looks up at a political poster.

A Chinese villager looks up at a political poster. (Photo : Reuters)

With only hours left until the start of China's two most-important political, decision-making gatherings, the 12th National People's Congress (NPC) and the National Committee of the 12th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the prospect of deepening reforms at the ruling hand of President Xi Jinping should not receive even a faint hint of doubt.

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Anyone who was present during the Chinese leader's inaugural domestic inspection tour of the year will know that the world's second-biggest economy is under the management of a politician who is committed to taking ongoing action to secure the future of his native land.

Not only did President Xi sit alongside those Chinese nationals who had been displaced by last year's earthquakes, but he spoke with the members of his national constituency about the details, including the time frame, pertaining to China's future development.

The inspection of the Yunnan Province was not merely a symbolic, fist-raising gesture, in which he strode past the waves of those who continued to suffer. Xi sat alongside the people he was visiting and assured them, as part of an involved discussion, that their homes will be rebuilt as part of a countrywide rejuvenation.

Another reminder that the president triggered through his domestic travels this year is that he knows what it means to live and work in locations outside of the capital, in roles that were not presidential.

While the nation awaits the outcomes of the NPC and CPPCC sessions, they should rest assured that their leader has worked his way through the ranks of the Communist Party of China. That is, he knows what it means to work toward something of value, so he is not scared to pull up his sleeves and do the hard work that is necessary to achieve a goal.

As the People's Daily pointed out on the weekend, last year was the "Year of Reform": 108 reform tasks and 370 reform measures were completed. Therefore, the deepening reform process involves Xi and his colleagues building upon the progress that has already been made.

One only needs to review the daily developments in Beijing to see that, while many of the criticisms are from beyond China's borders, the concept of "taking action" is in no way foreign to President Xi's government in 2015.