• "World of Warcraft: Legion's" Demon Hunter foretells the prophecy of their world's doom.

"World of Warcraft: Legion's" Demon Hunter foretells the prophecy of their world's doom. (Photo : YouTube/World of Warcraft)

Blizzard said that "World of Warcraft" will have a steady flow of content, but they do not plan to have yearly expansions for it. The upcoming patch for the game will have new epic class mounts and the micro holidays.

Game director Ion Hazzikostas told Gamespot in an exclusive interview about the recent changes with "World of Warcraft." When asked if the micro-holidays that they announced earlier will be regular, he said that these will only be annual. They will try to flesh it out in the next patches so that there will be some variety and texture of the world.

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The game confessed that the ideas for the micro-holidays were just loosely based on real world holidays. He joked that the Winter Veil holiday in the video game is based on Christmas, and talked about other comparisons. They also wanted to do it on a smaller scale since it the Day of the Dead holiday became popular.

Hazzikostas explained that they are not going to make expansions every year because the company felt that they could not make a worthy "World of Warcraft" expansion with that time frame. He said that it is not worth sacrificing patch content to try to make it happen, especially if the quality is not good.

What Blizzard wants to focus right now is to do the right thing for their players. They want to make sure there is a steady stream of content playing out the stories in the worlds they are building right now. When the best time comes, they will be able to move on to the new expansion with great quality.

Hazzikostas revealed that there are a lot of people right now playing the latest expansion called Legion and enjoying it. They have seen a lot of familiar players returning, guild mates that they have not seen for a long time talking about the game in guild chat.

According to the official website of "World of Warcraft," the upcoming patches are versions 7.1.5 and 7.2. It will include several contents like epic class mounts and the interesting micro holidays. 7.1.5 will introduce the micro holidays and several other content, while 7.2 will have more substantial content like a new epic flying mount, a nine boss raid, and many more.

Check out the "World of Warcraft: Legion" The Fate of Azeroth video below: