• A "Fallout 4" character stands by a Christmas Tree, which came from a mod.

A "Fallout 4" character stands by a Christmas Tree, which came from a mod. (Photo : YouTube/MxR Mods)

"Fallout 4" mods are now available for the PlayStation 4 through the creation kit. The latest update was also released recently on PC.

According to the official website of Bethesda, the "Fallout 4" creation kit has gotten a new update, which will be good news for PS4 owners. It has been updated to support the mods on the Sony console.

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Players will only need to go to their Bethesda.net Launcher to update their Creation Kit to gain access. They are warned that the PS4 Mods are considered Plugins only and archives will not be permitted.

In other "Fallout 4" related news, a new update for the video game was released for the PC. According to another post on the official website of the game developer, the latest iteration is update 1.8 and has fixed numerous bugs and some crash scenarios in the game. The update is currently in certification for the PS4 and the Xbox One.

The different issues that were fixed were related to sound like the issue in which some sound effects would not persist after reloading in an area. Another issue that was fixed was an occasional crash when players exit to the Main Menu, and they try to start a New Game. The issues with spaces in Mods search queries were also fixed with this new update.

With the new patch, players will not be able to rate work in progress mods, but instead they can rate the ones that have been downloaded. In the Mods menu, they can now see more tiles that they can browse. A rare crash that would happen when a Mod had an unexpected data structure was also fixed.

Library and/or Favorite Mods categories in "Fallout 4" would not display properly in certain situations were fixed with this patch. The issue where some of the images of the Mods would not load properly when players scroll too quickly was also fixed. Lastly, Sentry Bots that fire dual Gatling Lasers will not cause the audio to cut out with this new patch.

Bethesda announced in October that they had finally made an agreement with Sony to allow their mods for "Fallout 4" and "Skyrim Special Edition." There was a condition, which was that the mods for both games will only be limited to the ones that use internal assets.

Check out the "Fallout 4" Mods video below: