• Shanghai Theatre Academy

Shanghai Theatre Academy (Photo : vahramkaz/YouTube)

Movie stakeholders in China are trying new models to develop film and TV talents in China. One option that Alibaba Pictures, Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) and Fosun Group are working on is to build a world-class film school in Shanghai.

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The target of these initiatives is to reform arts education in China and begin new areas to integrate industry, academy and research. It would use the STA’s existing film academy as a platform, but new teachers would be added and global managers to integrate STA’s teachers, students and resources, Deadline reported.

The aim of the partners is to develop talent capable of adapting to the demands of the global market. Alibaba Pictures already has gained a foot inside the market with its acquisition of an equity in Steven Spielberg’s Amblin. Fosun, in turn, would financially support the plan.

Prior to this initiative, Alibaba Pictures launched Project A in October 2015 to raise a new generation of cinema talents across the world. Fosun, a Chinese conglomerate, began a film production unit and invested in Studio 8 f Jeff Robinov and Bona Film Group in Beijing, Screendaily reported.

Another example of globalization in the film market – which has taken a big interest in Asia, particularly with the popularity of Kpop and Hallyu – is Netflix’s acquisition of the Korean film “Pandora.” With Netflix’s agreement with the movie producer, Next Entertainment World, the nuclear disaster movie would be streamed in 190 countries in 2017.

Directed by Park Jung-Woo, “Pandora” stars Kim Nam-gil (Jae-hyuk) who risks lift to save his family and country from an impending atomic explosion. Other cast of the film, set in a quiet town where disaster happens when an earthquake hits a nuclear power plant, are Kim Young-ae, Jung Jin-young and Kim Young-ae.