• ExtraTorrent.cc Going Offline Soon Like Kickass Torrents (KAT), Torrentz.eu? Top Torrenting Alternative Sets Up New Domains as Backup Mirrors

ExtraTorrent.cc Going Offline Soon Like Kickass Torrents (KAT), Torrentz.eu? Top Torrenting Alternative Sets Up New Domains as Backup Mirrors (Photo : TechShout.com)

Is ExtraTorrent is danger of being forced offline soon following the demise of Kickass Torrents and meta-search engine Torrent.eu? New reports have indicated that ExtraTorrent, next only to The Pirate Bay as the most visited torrenting site, has lost control of key domains, setting off speculations that the website is under attack and will be taken down soon.

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Authorities and rights holders taking down ExtraTorrent is no surprise at all. The site, according to Digital Music News, is highly popular both in the United States and abroad, boasting Alexa ranking of 237 in the U.S. and 158 elsewhere. ExtraTorrent is not only a very visible torrenting site but among the most visited website at any given time. The same report indicated that the site counts an average of 170 million of monthly visitors.

When KAT and Torrentz went offline in the past few months, torrent users naturally migrated and ExtraTorrent was among the chief beneficiaries. The site traffic grew by more than 100 percent as a direct result of torrent sites going down successively. And in the event that The Pirate Bay, currently acknowledged as the King of Torrents, is taken down it is ExtraTorrent that is seen to take the place of TPB.

So ExtraTorrent is a natural takedown target and efforts to do so might have been ramping up. Just this week, TorrentFreak reported that ET saw its three domain names - serving as mirrors for the site - inaccessible and surprisingly ET's Czech domain registrar was rendered helpless to recover control of the domains identified as ExtraTorrent.rocks, ETproxy.top and ExtraTorrent.date.

Subreg.cz, the domain registrar, has stated that the domains were not blocked, leading to speculations that the ExtraTorrent mirrors were rendered inaccessible due to a takedown. And true enough, Subreg admitted that there is standing complaint against the domains in question.

In the absence of any solid details and confirmation, it appears now that ExtraTorrent is assuming that it is under attack and in defense the site operators have set up new domains to replace the hijacked mirrors. ET fans that make use of the old backups are now redirected to ExtraTorrent.site and Extra.to. These two domains, TorrentFreak said, are now the official ExtraTorrent backup sites.

However, site operators have likewise made clear that the main ExtraTorrent.cc domain remains working and fully accessible, and that ExtraTorrent alongside The Pirate Bay can still be counted on as among the best Kickass Torrents and Torrentz alternatives.