• Girls Generation group member YoonA and Ji Chang Wook star in the tvN drama 'The K2.'

Girls Generation group member YoonA and Ji Chang Wook star in the tvN drama 'The K2.' (Photo : YouTube/tvN drama)

Ji Chang Wook and Girls Generation singer Yoona's drama "The K2" recently closed its final chapter with a suspenseful and action-packed series finale. As the tvN bodyguard drama came to a close, viewership ratings also soared to an impressive level.

"The K2" has posted steady ratings since the tvN drama aired its first episode. Released in September, many viewers tuned in to watch South Korean actor Ji and Girls Generation group member Yoona portray the bodyguard Je Ha and the presidential candidate's daughter Anna, respectively.

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With the tvN drama's exciting final episode, viewership share reached 6.2 percent, according to Nielsen Korea, as cited by Korea Herald. The said episode revealed the truth behind Anna's mother's demise, as well as Je Ha's daring rescue mission including the death of Anna's father and step-mother.

Viewership shares for "The K2" episode 16 also bested other cable channel dramas that aired on the same 8:00 pm KST schedule, as indicated in the same report. Ji and Yoona's bodyguard drama surpassed Lee Sun Gyun and "Running Man" star Song Ji Hyo's series titled "This Week, My Wife Will Have An Affair" that airs on JTBC.

Meanwhile, "The K2" captured the attention of many fans during its 16-episode run given its storyline, Yoona's impressive acting abilities and Ji's intense fight scenes. The tvN drama's production team even utilized special effects for its action scenes, similar to those featured in the hit Hollywood movie "Matrix."

Many fans and critics even applauded the "Healer" actor for the various action scenes that he filmed for "The K2." In a press event held in October, Ji conveyed his appreciation for the positive feedback over his fight scenes.

Despite the difficult action sequences, Ji mentioned that he had fun filming the tvN drama, especially with his co-stars Yoona and Song Yoon Ah, Korean news outlet TV Report quoted the actor as saying. Ji even shared how the three of them would joke around on-set during filming breaks.

"The K2" aired its final episode on Nov. 12, Saturday, on tvN. Watch the series finale's last scenes below: