• Mobile World Congress 2015 trade show banner

Mobile World Congress 2015 trade show banner (Photo : Reuters)

Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo are three Chinese technology companies garnering a lot of positive attention at the 2015 Mobile World Congress trade show event in Barcelona, Spain.

Mobile industry experts from all over the world have expressed praise for the products that they have learnt about at the prestigious MWC gathering, which included a keynote presentation from Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg this year.

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Huawei made its mark on the wearables market at this week's trade show by showing off its product range, which consisted of a smartwatch, a wristband, the Talkband B2 and the Talkband N1 headset.

Chinese reporters gathered the feedback of those who were impressed by the new range, including events director Joanna Jones, who said that, in addition to appreciating the smartwatch's look:

". . . it's the first wearable I've seen which captures the traditional look of a product, plus gives the functionality around the software they've implemented. It's very elegant."

Analyst Tim Couling said that he was "struck by the depth of their [Huawei] product portfolio," while "the look and feel of some of the devices is really improving."

While ZTE impressed with the voice-operated ZTE Star 2, the handset was overshadowed by their ZTE Grand S3, which uses biometric technology, in the form of an eye recognition system, to remove a block that enables users to access the device. The biometric system has been trademarked as "Eyeprint ID" and is executed through the smartphone's camera, which examines the veins and white spaces of the human eye to confirm recognition.

For Lenovo, two new smartphone models were on display: one with a 5-inch screen and the Lenovo A7000. The A7000 is the world's first smartphone to feature Dolby Atmos technology, which enhances the quality of the sound produced by the device.

The MWC experience led a Swiss representative of the Altrium brand to exclaim to a reporter that "it is a very fast learning curve from Asian people in recognizing our needs and they bring us perfect products."