• Apple AirPods being displayed.

Apple AirPods being displayed. (Photo : YouTube/ Engadget )

Apple AirPods were thought to be a major game changer for the world's leading smartphone manufacturer. However, with a delayed delivery in contrast to previously assured release date, some tech savvies are now starting doubt the upcoming wireless earbuds, thinking that there must be a major flaw causing such delay.

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It has been revealed at the September Apple launch event that together with iPhone 7 would be the latest earbuds dubbed as AirPods. What makes such earpiece interesting is the fact that utilizes Bluetooth technology enabling it to let go of the regular wired earbuds connection. With the full disclosure of its arrival, some were speculating the wired earbuds will soon become history.

However, despite the previous announcement that the AirPods would arrive in the latter part of October, Apple failed to secure shipments and was even asking more time before the wireless earbuds are ready for customers.

"We don't believe in shipping a product before it's ready, and we need a little more time before AirPods are ready for our customers,"  Apple spokesperson told TechCrunch.

As a result of such delay, there have been rumors surfacing that the primary reason behind the lag would be a major flaw in the product itself. Although some experts could not immediately tell whether the delay is being caused by software or hardware issues, TechCrunch reported that there must be really something wrong with the product that is causing a tech-giant to delay its shipment.

In response to the highly, various sites and social media posts promotes the idea of wireless headset under different brands.  Some of the best alternatives to Apple AirPods being suggested online includes but not limited to Jabra Elite Sport, Motorola VerveOnes+, and Erato Muse5. These various options of Bluetooth operated earbuds come with a price ranging from $70 even up to $250, and all products promise better performance to what Apple may bring to the table.

With the lack of sufficient lead to the shipment of Apple AirPods, guess we would just have to wait till 2017 for its arrival, especially that Geek hinted an early 2017 release of the said product.