• Close view of virtual currency Bitcoin

Close view of virtual currency Bitcoin (Photo : Getty images/Thomas Trutschel)

Official iOS mobile app has been announced formally by Purse. When the Purse app was started in 2014, the goal was to make bitcoin as a useful form of payment. Furthermore, this was aimed for people to truly integrate this payment mode in daily lives.

Purse says ever since the inception, the bitcoin space has witnessed substantial growth and even matured significantly. The growth of the industry vis-à-vis the products and features of Purse app have come a long way. Now the company has created a crucial platform for the industry to extend services to mobile users.

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This is in support of the fact that a majority of Internet browsing is done on mobile and there are no frontiers for bitcoin as it also adds to the shopping experience.

For existing Purse customers or who are curious to sign-up, this is the perfect time to download Purse new app to start shopping.

With the holiday season almost around, there's more scope to save money in this holiday season to shop with bitcoin.

The Purse bitcoin wallet integrated in the new Purse mobile app allows to enjoy discount shopping experience anywhere or add  wish lists while on the go. This helps save more time and money during this holiday season.

Live bitcoin news says, the long wait for iOS users is finally over as Purse app has arrived in the iTunes app store. With this app, Apple users are able to shop online with Bitcoin and benefit from huge discounts.

In respect of functionality, the purse app for iOS offers the same user experience that's been enjoyed by Android users so far.  Discounts ranging between 5 percent and 30 percent are granted for users who can shop across the world's largest marketplaces.

Spreading the Bitcoin awareness as a very useful tool globally, the platform is most prominently known for users Amazon integration allowing to give titles to owned discounts or save 5 percent when instantly buying items.

Another big announcement comes as adding official WikiLeaks apparel to the Purse app. T-shirts are the first items introduced for sale in exchange for bitcoin.  Internet users can also go through the offers in regular websites. All shirts are available in different sizes and the prices are reasonable.