• Bicycles are parked in a row at a bike-sharing station in Beijing.

Bicycles are parked in a row at a bike-sharing station in Beijing. (Photo : Getty Images)

New elements were used in the new bike introduced by Chinese bike-sharing startup Ofo, together with a new scheme called the City Sharing plan, which were launched on Nov. 17 in Beijing and Shanghai, the Global Times reported.

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The company also announced a strategic cooperation with 700bike, a local bike company, during the event.

Ofo has improved the design of its new bike, the Ofo 3.0, to give users better service and easier bike experience. The new bike is now equipped with solid tires, adjustable seats, triangular handlebars, and front and rear braking systems. The company said that the upgrades were made to boost the bike's safety, durability and function, as well as reduce manufacturing costs.

According to the company, users can use the bike by downloading an app on their mobile phone. They can either register their mobile number or log in using their WeChat or QQ account. Ofo will fill in the number on the bike and users will receive the code to unlock it and use the new bike as well as the City Sharing plan.

Meanwhile, the City Sharing plan was launched to provide bikers with customized and exclusive services. To meet the difference preferences of users, Ofo will also launch different types of bikes.

Another focus of the City Sharing plan is for people to share their unused bikes, the report said.

The company's founder Dai Wei said they are encouraging people to offer their unused bikes and in return, they will be given the privilege to use all type of Ofo bikes without charges.

"Through our efforts, we want to make the use of spared bikes promote eco-friendly transport and ease the traffic congestion," Dai said.

Ofo, which was established in 2014, is one of the country's earliest bike-sharing startups. Dai said they set up the company to promote bikes as a means of public transport in first-tier cities.

On Oct. 10, the company received about $130 million in its C-round financing. The company has expanded its operations in 19 cities and provinces of the country in just three years, the report said. There are now more than 160,000 Ofo bike users across the country.