• Pokemon Go: Tips to catch Ditto - Spearow, Magikarp, Zubat, Rattata, Pidgey transform into Ditto

Pokemon Go: Tips to catch Ditto - Spearow, Magikarp, Zubat, Rattata, Pidgey transform into Ditto (Photo : YouTube/ Pokemon Go)

Pokémon GO players are now able to add Ditto to their Pokédex collection following the move last week on Niantic Lab's part to make the Pokémon-copying creature finally available. The mission to hunt Ditto ought to be fun and exciting but things could be a little easier with a few of the catching hacks to follow below.

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Catch 'em all

In most cases, Ditto has been masked by Niantic as another Pokémon or the Mons that normally players tend to overlook. So the basic trick in bagging Ditto is to just scoop all the Pokémon that one will encounter. Yes, catch them all as who knows that Pidgey, Rattata, Magikarp or Zubat was just masquerading as a Ditto wanting to be snared.

And one would know if Ditto is now part of the Pokédex: "Once you've caught Ditto for the first time, it will be registered to your Pokédex just like any other Pokémon you've run into for the first time. This translates to new Pokémon XP too," according to iDownloadblog.net.

Stock up and use resources

The hunt for Ditto is the same as a regular Pokémon GO search mission - one will need patience and most importantly sufficient stock of resources. Like all Pokémon, Incense and Lures will attract or cause Ditto to spawn and when that happens a good amount of Poké Balls should prove handy in trapping the shape-shifting creature.

Where and when to look

Per iDownloadblog.net, Ditto usually spawns near the urban areas and the best time for hunting on these grounds is during daytime. It's not always that the Mon will be around but the chance of catching it is at least enhanced when considering these elements.

Ditto is mostly fun

To be clear, Gym Battle with Ditto is not an assurance that one will win. As Ditto will copy the Pokémon that it will skirmish with by using the Transform Battle tactic, the fun part is one will have a first-hand perspective of how the Pokémon foe fights and behave, which is helpful if the same Mon is still not part of a player's Pokédex.

But Ditto as replica of the Pokémon foe, the former will prove the weaker one so it's best to manage expectations as usually the win-log of Ditto is not very high. And when a Ditto is the one defending a Gym, iDownloadblog.net highly recommends the use of the other Ditto fighting tactic or Struggle attack.