• Logan will serve as the last Wolverine spin-off starring Hugh Jackaman and Patrick Stewart and directed by James Mangold.

Logan will serve as the last Wolverine spin-off starring Hugh Jackaman and Patrick Stewart and directed by James Mangold. (Photo : Facebook)

The latest details and spoilers for "Logan" will feature new film footage descriptions and Wolverine possibly moving to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It seems that new film footage from "Logan" was shown during this year's Comic-Con Experience event in Brazil as 20th Century Fox hosted the panel for its upcoming film project. "X-Men" star Hugh Jackman was present during the event via video message and featured an exclusive clip from "Logan".

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The CCXP footage shows Logan/Wolverine (Jackman), Laura/X-23 (Dafne Keen) and Prof. Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) hiding in on a family house from a farm. Despite being questioned about exactly why they are on the road, they do not reveal their identities as mutants to the family. Things go a little array when Xavier and Logan both give different responses to the family’s questioning. Laura is said to be eating her dinner with her hands, not making use of utensils, as Logan does his best to teach her how she should be eating showing a father-daughter bond between the two.

The family soon learned more about them when Logan tells them Xavier was once a school principal. Xavier adds that it was a “school for students with special needs,” before revealing Logan was one of the pupils. It is hinted that this encounter happened after Logan confronted the film's antagonist Donal Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) and his cyborg soldiers the Reavers, Screenrant reported.

"Logan will be the most violent of of all three "Wolverine" spin-offs and it will based on the comic book storyline "Old Man Logan". Wolverine will be depicted as an old and broken mutant whos healing abilities are starting to diminish due to the many facial scars on his face and body.

The official "Logan" Instagram page posted a new photo which feature several medical supplies.

The focus of the picture is on the mysterious device that could be used to inject mutant powers or a mutant cure. The tools may be tied to the creation of X-23, as Laura Kinney’s claws are likely to be imbued with adamantium in the same fashion as Logan when he became Wolverine.

Other theories suggest that the equipment could be used to help heal Logan and Charles Xavier in the wake of battle; or be part of a desperate attempt to get their powers back

In other news, several rumors are making rounds regarding Wolverine joining the MCU after the "Logan" film.

"Captain America: Civil War" directors Joe and Anthony Russo had expressed their desire to have Wolverine in the MCU as part of "Avengers: Infinity War", ComicBookMovie reported. Fox currently owns the rights to the character's name in the "X-Men" franchise, but with Jackman's retirement of the character imminent after "Logan", it seems that there is a possibility to bring him into the MCU.

However, the Russo's stated in a separate interview the possibility of having Wolverine or even the X-Men in the MCU is next to impossible as that there have been no talks on having them and did not noticed any behind-the-scenes conversations or even heard of any plans about it.

"Logan" will be in cinemas on March 3, 2017.