• iOS 10.2 beta version with new emojis running on a iPhone.

iOS 10.2 beta version with new emojis running on a iPhone. (Photo : YouTube/EverythingApplePro)

Apple's iOS 10.2 official release is barely a few days old but the tech giant is at it again and quickly issued beta 1 of version 10.2.1, indicating that the next OS update is happening even before hackers can finalize a JB tool. Will this mean that the next jailbreak release, likely from Team Pangu or TaiG, is not happening at all?

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MacRumors reported that iOS 10.2.1 is now on public beta 1, available to download or as an over-the-air update for registered developers. Likely, the OS bump comes with minor changes but the same report noted that the update should be more on "bug fixes and performance improvements rather than major outward-facing changes."

That would mean Apple has possibly detected holes on the latest iOS version and work is now underway to plug the opening, which for hackers translate to little or no time at all to come up with the rumored iOS 10 jailbreak. Again, Apple appears to outrace jailbreak devs with its breakneck pace of providing iOS updates.

Prior to the iOS 10 rollout, the jailbreak community thought that a JB tool release will immediately happen after the software's launch as the likes of iH8sn0w, Pangu and Luca Todesco showed proofs of cracks to pave the way for a jailbreak. But three months have already passed and a jailbreak is still not in sight.

And in the continued silence being observed by the likes of Pangu and TaiG, speculations are rife that the JB tool providers have raised the white flag. It's more likely that a modified version of iOS 10 is not coming out at all, with Todesco recently confirming that version 10.2 has a tough security shell that is hard to break.

Todesco hinted as well that the closest jailbreak fans could come to an iOS JB tool is version 10.1.1. The OS build, the dev, has better promises for hackers to put together a modified version of iOS 10. Thus is 10.2 closes the door for a possible jailbreak, more so version 10.2.1 when it becomes official as the update is likely packed with bugs fixes.

As the chance of seeing an iOS 10 jailbreak release gets gloomy by the day, Todesco provided a form of respite with his rework of Team Pangu's semi-tethered iOS 9.2-9.3.3 jailbreak. The fix did away with the need for certification renewal for every re-jailbreak process.

For now, this is the best that jailbreak fans can have while waiting for the iOS 10 jailbreak release though the prospect of which ever happening  seems more remote now.