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Nintendo Switch (Photo : Facebook)

Nintendo Switch as a hybrid gaming device is expected with a few compromises and fresh reports suggest one would be noticeable on the GPU department. When played as console, the graphics rendering is supposedly set at 1080p resolution and as a portable device it will max out at 720p.

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BGR reported that not only the Nintendo Switch is below par compared to the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One in terms of CPU muscle, the gaming device will not be as powerful as earlier advertised. The maximum GPU clock speed that the Switch will achieve is 768MHz, that is when the machine is in console mode.

And when the Switch controller is undocked and played like a tablet, the graphics performance will dial down by more than 50 percent or just 307.2MHz, the report added, pointing to Eurogamer as source of the new information.

The translation would be like this: When the Nintendo Switch is used as a console, gamers can expect 1080p resolution on the TV monitor. But players opting for portability will have to be contented with a light step back on the res department, 720p to be exact.

And game developers that support the new Nintendo platform will need to configure titles for the GPU setting mentioned for optimal playing experience, BGR added on its report.

Earlier, the Switch was reported not a match to any of the PS4 and Xbox One as the rumored NVIDIA chip to power the Nintendo gaming machine is not expected to breach the 1GHz CPU clock speed mark. Nonetheless, the specs leaked out so far are not expected to dampen the excitement generated by the Switch so far.

For one, the hybrid device is seen to gain significant game title support with the likes of Square Enix and EA already lined up to release games for the platform. The Switch is also set to greatly benefit from the catalog of Nintendo games that will be part of the thrust. Zelda, Mario, Super Smash, Pokémon and other Nintendo classics are thought to be part of the Nintendo Switch launch in 2017, somehow giving the device an early traction on its road to success.

But what could prove as the real Nintendo Switch killer feature is the price. Speculations are rife that the device on release date will sell starting at no more than $300 or significantly below the asking price of both the PS4 and Xbox machines.