• Nintendo announced the new mini NES Classic

Nintendo announced the new mini NES Classic (Photo : YouTube / GameSpot)

Nintendo's blockbuster Mini NES Classic Edition, as of last check, remains hard to find or overpriced but frustrated fans can just forget about the retro console fix. Reports said the Japanese gaming company is cooking up another hitter - a possible resurrection of the 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), possibly in shrunk version too.

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As Nintendo fans continue to hunt for the elusive Mini NES a trademark filing for the SNES with an accompanying image of the console's controller emerged, triggering rumors that there will be a welcome sequel to the Mini NES. No, it will not be Mini NES v. 2.0 but a remake of the SNES that in Japan was known as Super Famicom.

While the Twitter post first pointed to by Go Nintendo did not provide solid hints of a soon-to-happen Mini SNES release, the tease got the fans overly excited with many immediately speculating how the actual unboxing will turn out. Will the fixed 30-games included in the Mini NES menu be expanded or will Nintendo design the Mini SNES as a fully functioning gaming machine even with the expected retro console treatment?

For sure, the SNES coming back in a miniature form-factor will offer greater possibilities and among the first improvement has to be on the graphics side since the Mini SNES when it materializes should be its original sibling - in 16-bit standard. And that likely would mean getting the game titles such as Street Fighter 2, Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World, according to Mirror.

Or the Mini SNES will be a faithful recreation of the original and some, meaning the gaming device will not only come with built-in games but will accommodate game cartridges for nearly unlimited possibility of game title expansion.

Also, the Mini SNES is likely to correct the mistakes that attended the Mini NES launch this 2016. And chief of them is Nintendo producing enough units to ship and satisfy millions of NES fans around the world.

There is, however, a huge stumbling block for the Mini SNES release date to happen anytime soon. As pointed out by PC Mag, Nintendo is likely preoccupied with the March 2017 rollout of the Nintendo Switch hybrid console.

So the best possible scenario is a late or Christmas 2017 release date if indeed Nintendo is even considering a downsized Super NES as follow up to the Mini NES Classic Edition.