• Google's Chrome, Google Inc.'s new Web browser, is displayed on an laptop.

Google's Chrome, Google Inc.'s new Web browser, is displayed on an laptop. (Photo : Getty Images/Alexander Hassenstein)

Google's search engine algorithm is under fire once again after a neo-nazi site turned up as a top result when people search if the holocaust was real. Now, the search engine giant has modified the algorithm to scrub off the false information.

The holocaust happened in the past and some people still deny it to this day. A neo-Nazi site has been appearing as a top result in Google whenever people try to find out whether the holocaust is real. It has caused some outrage for Internet users seeing as it could be treated as the truth.

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Google has now changed their algorithm to fix the problem as the white supremacist site has already been bumped down off the top results for holocaust. A Google spokesperson told NBC News that they have already implemented fixes and improvements in order to make the experience better and clearer for everyone on the Internet.

Tweaking the Google search algorithm is not something new and the search engine giant does it regularly. The company does so to weed out any website that tries to game the system in order to receive more traffic than they actually deserve.

"We strive to give users a breadth of diverse content from variety of sources and we're committed to the principle of a free and open web," another Google spokesperson told Digital Trends. "Judging which pages on the web best answer a query is a challenging problem and we don't always get it right."

Simply deleting a webpage from their search results is a practice frowned upon in Google. They can do so if the site or link did violate any of their webmaster guidelines or if it is illegal content like download links for copyrighted material and such.

Google will continue to tweak their search engine algorithm over time to improve the experience. It will also try to prevent mishaps like the holocaust search results from happening again in the near future.

Learn sad facts about the holocaust in the video below: