• Apple Inc. keeps updating its iOS 11 firmware ahead of its release this summer 2017.

Apple Inc. keeps updating its iOS 11 firmware ahead of its release this summer 2017. (Photo : YouTube/EverythingApplePro)

Following the beta release of Luca Todesco's Yalu iOS 10 jailbreak that is based on version 10.1.1 of Apple's mobile operating system, rumors came out that a JB tool on version 10.2 will soon come out. However, the wait for the latter could prove a bit of drag so it might be best to jump on the Yalu jailbreak now and more so with Prometheus ready for use anytime.

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According to Stefan Esser, also known in the jailbreak circle as @i0n1c, there is chance that iOS 10.2 will be cracked soon and a jailbreak release could follow anytime. But the Esser tease, per the report by Forbes, stopped short of providing the important details like what group will release the JB tool and when exactly it is coming out.

So with things uncertain on the @i0n1c jailbreak tip, fans have no recourse but to rely on what is available - that is of the Todesco Yalu jailbreak. The tool though is in beta form and last check indicated that it's in beta 4 but sure functioning for those courageous and adventurous to give the modified iOS a spin.

But one thing that could prevent from using the Yalu jailbreak is iOS 10.1.1, which Apple has stopped signing and is the basis of the Todesco jailbreak work. For iOS device users already on 10.2, going back is not possible anymore and same for those who opted to stick with the Pangu iOS 9.2-9.3.3 jailbreak. Moving up would mean skipping 10.1.1, heading straight to 10.2 and being locked out of the Yalu jailbreak.

Thankfully, Prometheus from hacker tihmstar is now an official release. Sure, it is a complicated tool but when properly used it will open the door "to downgrade or upgrade your iOS device to any unsigned firmware version," WCCFTech reported.

There are just a number of specific requirements in order to reap the benefits delivered by tihmstar with Prometheus and one is to save SHSH2 blobs for the iOS firmware version that one looks to downgrade or upgrade to. Going through this process was discussed by WCCFTech in the tutorial that can be seen on this link.

And it's important to remember that Prometheus, much like the Todesco jailbreak, works only on 64-bit iOS device with expected hiccups when trying to install on the iPhone 7 series. But all things considered, the hack works wonders and to use it, best to view and review the clips provided below, and afterwards enjoy the bliss of being in the jailbreak zone.