• The AMD Ryzen logo is revealed during AMD New Horizon event on Dec. 13, 2016.

The AMD Ryzen logo is revealed during AMD New Horizon event on Dec. 13, 2016. (Photo : YouTube/Red Gaming Tech)

AMD Ryzen specs, price, release dates, and CPU line-up for 2017 have been highly expected by critics and enthusiasts alike. With the latest update on the upcoming Zen based processor, queries about AMD's latest offering has somehow been unravelled.

In the previous months, even right after the New Horizon event, details of the upcoming Zen based processors from AMD have been quite limited. The sneak preview of the upcoming AMD Ryzen inadequately sufficed the questions of potential buyers and onlookers. Now with the latest updates and information made available, AMD enthusiasts will somehow be given a heads up.

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It has been reported recently that AMD will have similar product branding strategy that of Intel, involving three tiers. However, with the recent update, an additional 4th variant has been reported apart from Summit Ridge 7, Summit Ridge 5, and Summit Ridge 3. Consumers waiting for Ryzen CPU would have to add to their options the upcoming SR7 Black Edition.

Ryzen CPU line-up offers flexibility to consumers and potential threat to the market dominance of Intel. With more CPU variants, AMD will also have a greater leverage on the price points of their Ryzen processors.

AMD's SR3 variant, a so-called Intel Core i3 counterpart, will be sold for only $149, according to Wccf Tech price roundup. Moreover, for SR5 and SR7 will be within a $250 to $350 price point, while SR7 Black Edition will be priced around $500.

In terms of release date, the two SR7 variants will be released ahead of SR5 and SR3 variants, the former with a January release period while the latter with a March release date. However, a grain of salt should be taken regarding the latest updates being reported online as AMD has yet to confirm the details.

Furthermore, news relating to one of AMD Ryzen's specs has been clarified. AMD Ryzen is overclocking to 5GHz on air on all cores, as per French tech magazine Canard PC Hardware.

However, recent updates revealed that such 5GHz CPU overclocking was for single-core. Thus, shedding more light to the potential capacity of Ryzen processor now that it is already 2017. Check the following video for more information: