• Lee Se Young has been cleared of sexual assault charges after being accused of molesting male idols on "SNL Korea."

Lee Se Young has been cleared of sexual assault charges after being accused of molesting male idols on "SNL Korea." (Photo : YouTube/Official 내 우상)

The sexual assault case against Lee Se Young has finally come to an end. The comedian has been cleared of the sexual assault charges against her after inappropriately touching male idols on "SNL Korea."

In November 2016, Lee sparked controversy after behind-the-scenes video footage of the comedian and other female members grabbing the genitals of B1A4, INFINITE, and Block B members surfaced online, as Koreaboo previously reported. The comedian came under fire for sexually molesting the idols and drew criticism over her indecent behavior.

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Some fans even went to court and filed a sexual assault case against the "SNL Korea" host. However, on Jan. 4, Wednesday, the Seoul Mapo Police department confirmed via a statement obtained by All Kpop that Lee had been found innocent and the charges against her had been dropped as there was no evidence to support the sexual assault claims.

In the statement, the police noted that the personal statements recorded from the male idols conflicted with the sexual assault allegations. "The members of B1A4, INFINITE, and Block B testified that Lee Se Young did not actually touch their private parts," the police said. Since the artists decided not to press charges, the police did not continue the investigation against the comedian.

The dismissal of the case against Lee has led to outrage among netizens who thought it was unfair that the comedian would walk scot-free despite video evidence of her molesting the male idols. The netizens pointed it out that if a man had done the same, he would have been behind bars.

They commented saying that the comedian should be punished even though the B1A4, INFINITE, and Block B refused to testify against her. Some even criticized the male idols for not speaking out about the incident and hiding facts from the police in order to avoid further drama and scandal.

Watch video footage of Lee and other female staff members inappropriately touching B1A4, INFINITE and Block B members below: