• A docked Nintendo Switch is used as a home console.

A docked Nintendo Switch is used as a home console. (Photo : YouTube/NintendoUK)

Third-party consumer electronics company Snakebyte has unveiled several accessories for both the NES Classic Edition and the upcoming Nintendo Switch. All of the products were showcased during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) being held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Snakebyte revealed two different accessories for the Nintendo Switch, Gamespot reported. The first item is a foldable headset that utilizes 40mm drivers to deliver high quality sound quality. The other item is a "Nintendo Switch Starter Kit."

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This kit comes with a carrying case for the Switch's portable tablet, stereo earbuds, a screen protector, a set of control caps, game cases as well as a cleaning cloth. The reveal trailer for the Switch showed the console using small game cartridges and the game cases from Snakebyte give a closer look of their actual size.

As for the NES Classic Edition, Snakebyte is offering a power adaptor and a gamepad extension cable. The full press release, courtesy of Nintendo Life, elaborates on how the NES Classic Edition is powered by USB but with this adaptor gamers can now power the console with any regular power outlet.

The NES Classic Edition is also notorious for having short gamepad controller cables. The extension cables add up to 9.8 feet, guaranteeing players can use the console without having to sit too close to the unit or the television screen.

Nintendo has yet to announce its own accessories for the Switch. A recently filed patent indicates the Switch's tablet will not feature replaceable batteries and one of the most widely speculated accessories will be a charging unit that will extend the tablet's battery life while on the go.

More details regarding the Switch, official accessories, the unit's specs and games lined up for launch will be unveiled during the Nintendo Switch presentation on Jan. 12. The Switch is currently scheduled to launch in March this year and its reveal trailer can be viewed below: