• AMD Ryzen CPU, Zen based architecture.

AMD Ryzen CPU, Zen based architecture. (Photo : YouTube/ NCIX Tech Tips )

AMD's Ryzen Summit Ridge chip is so far proving the beast of a CPU it is touted to be as a demo of the Zen-based processor at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas essentially confirmed that the hardware is readily capable of maximum turbo clock speed of 4.0GHz on all eight cores. When overclocked, Ryzen will spin at 5.0GHz in single-core.

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The 4GHz turbo speed was squeezed out of the Ryzen chip using F4 stepping and was confirmed by French tech magazine Canard PC Hardware, according to WCCFTech, adding that it was the same outlet that showcased the Summit Ridge Zen chip can overclocked up to 5GHz but only on single core.

However, when AMD presented a Doom demonstration of the Ryzen SR chip the performance returned was a bit of a step back but certainly impressive. Making use of F3 stepping, Ryzen registered 3.9GHz with the base clock already at 3.6GHz. It is believed that the chip used in the demo is an engineering sample that is codenamed 1D3601A2M88F3_39/36_N.

Most likely, the same chip will be the rumored Ryzen flagship SR7 Black Edition but this is yet to be confirmed.

But the Ryzen chip details seen so far, whether confirmed or unconfirmed, already indicated that AMD is all set to give Intel an interesting fight this 2017. Specifically, the Ryzen CPU should easily defeat Intel's Core i7-6900K.

"It is even a fair bet that if you were to put the two side by side in a gaming comparison, the Intel counterpart would lose out considering gaming applications usually rely almost completely on clock rates," WCCFTech said on its report.

And for would-be buyers, the choice should be easy especially if the rumors will prove correct that AMD intends to retail the Ryzen SR7 starting at $349 or $499 for the most-premium SR7 Black Edition. In comparison, the 6900K will result in cash damage of no less than $1000 or double that of the SR7 asking price.

AMD is yet to announce the exact 2017 release date schedule for the Ryzen Summit Ridge chips but speculations are rife that the two SR7 variants will come no later than January and to be followed on March by the mid-range SR5 and the budget-friendly SR3, prices at $249 and $149 respectively.