• A parcel getting delivered to customers.

A parcel getting delivered to customers. (Photo : Getty Images)

Cross-border online shopping is where individuals can buy goods abroad with lower taxes. This also allows consumers to have their purchases delivered right at their own doorstep.

"Cross-border online shopping experienced explosive growth in 2016," said Elaine Chang, Amazon China's president. She added that the Chinese community chooses imported goods because of their high quality.

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Chang also discussed that cross-border online shopping will continue to grow this year. In line with this, Amazon China will be offering more services to consumers looking for original overseas products.

Consumers are particularly conscious of the quality of products. In fact, the two important factors in cross-border online shopping are price and quality. Shoppers know what they deserve.

This kind of shopping is mainly popular with millennials with high incomes. The report shows that 80 percent of shoppers are aged 35 below and 90 percent of them have finished college.

62 percent of cross-border online shopping customers have an estimated monthly salary above 5,000 yuan ($720), and 82 percent already have their own families and they mostly shop for clothing and footwear.

The Black Friday shopping spree that happens every after Thanksgiving day in the United States has caught Chinese consumers' attention and the sales made can attest to it. The sales from 2015 doubled in 2016.

The main cities using cross-border online shopping were also released in the report. Of course, Beijing had to be the first place when in comes to purchases. It is followed by Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

China is known to be a popular home to sellers around the world. Cross-border online shopping gives the Chinese community a taste of different products by other countries.