• Rumored Nokia 8 (P) Android flagship phone will be introduced via MWC 2017

Rumored Nokia 8 (P) Android flagship phone will be introduced via MWC 2017 (Photo : GSM Arena)

The Nokia 6 will reportedly make its market debut via the MWC 2017 this coming February 26 and at the same time the Android flagship Nokia 8, likely the rumored Nokia P in the past weeks, will be introduced, new reports said. If freshly leaked details are to be believed, both handsets will run on stripped-down Android version with the premium Nokia 8 rocking on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 SoC.

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In fact, there will be two Nokia 8s to come out, according to GSM Arena. As mentioned, one model will have the SD 835 as main engine while another build will get the 2016 Qualcomm flagship chip SD 821. The latter is believed to be the cheaper option and therefore with slightly lower specs albeit still in the flagship zone.

The Nokia 8 on SD 821 will be supported by 4GB of RAM and the balance specs will be the scaled down versions of the SD 835 edition. Per the same GSM Arena report, the former is sure to get a less powerful camera. And that means the Nokia 8 on SD 835 will unbox with a compelling camera menu - a 24MP main shooter setup with OIS and EIS, and paired with a selfie-optimized 12MP front camera.

It is assumed that internal memory for both Nokia 8s will come in 64GB and 128GB configurations, and like most Android handsets there will be microSD slot for storage expansion. It is unclear how much extra space the Nokia flagship phone can accommodate but most devices in the same class are designed to take in up to 256GB of card.

On the OS side, the upcoming Nokia 6 appears to hint how Nokia plans to render Android on its upcoming devices, WCCFTech reported. The mid-range device is said to unbox with an Android OS version that has the look and feel of CyanogenMod CM 14, indicating that the Nokia line will take the same route as that of the OnePlus models.

That also means that both the Nokia 6 and Nokia 8 will be nearly vanilla Android, an approach that likely will appeal with Android fans recently orphaned by the exit of Google's Nexus mobile devices.

Most likely, the Nexus 6 will start selling immediately or following its MWC 2017 next month. And speculations are rife that the Android flagship Nokia 8 will be formally announced at the same time.

However, the actual Nokia 8 release date is not expected to happen until the third quarter of 2017 as indicated by recent supply chain rumors. So the earliest possible schedule to get the premium Nokia 2017 phone is July this year but glimpses of which can be viewed below: