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U.S. Raises Air Security Alert To Red For The First Time (Photo : Getty Images)

Even if a game show in South Korea only simulated sex between the contest participants, the pumping scene done to burst a balloon placed on the groin area of a woman was enough to shock TV and YouTube viewers.

In China, a similar simulated sex act happened at the Lunar New Year party of Tencent, the internet giant in China. A seven-second video clip spread in Chinese social media showing the employees who were in a game appear like they are having oral sex, Daily Star reported.

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On Their Knees

According to the video, the two male employees of Tencent held water between their legs while female employees are on their knees and attempt to open the bottle using their mouth only. While the naughty contest was going on, the audience were noisy cheering the contest participants.

The workers are from Tencent’s Instant Messaging Department which held the yearly party before the company’s break for the Spring Festival. Netizens commented that the video, which became viral, is a reminder of how pervasive discrimination, sexism and hazing remain in Chinese companies even if Tencent is China’s largest search engine, Shanghaiist reported.

Netizens’ Comments

Among the comments posted on Weibo, China’s top microblogging sites, is netizens asking if Tencent does not any sense of decency. “How could a company treat its works in this way?”

Another Weibo user asked, “Why would these women allow themselves to be shamed in this way? What would their fathers say?” But another Weibo member defended the women because if they do not cooperate, they could lose their jobs.

Following the public uproar the images caused in China, Tencent apologized on Thursday for the incident. It said that what happened was due to poor oversight. The search engine giant vowed lewd party games would no longer be allowed again at its party in the coming years. The employees involved would have demerits.