• Rumored Nokia 8 (P) Android flagship phone will be introduced via MWC 2017

Rumored Nokia 8 (P) Android flagship phone will be introduced via MWC 2017 (Photo : GSM Arena)

The leaked Nokia 8 Android flagship with Snapdragon 835 SoC that triggered an avalanche of speculations last week appears likely to get stuck on rumor zone as Qualcomm denied that it showcased the device at the CES 2017 trade show. But Nokia is still poised to introduce two new handsets at the start of the MWC 2017 this coming February.

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When the MWC 2017 kicks off in Barcelona, Spain Nokia will reveal two handsets that are of the mid-range breed. According to DigiTimes, the Finnish mobile brand that HMD Global has resurrected will train the spotlight on the Nokia D1C or Nokia 6, which will be made available in two versions.

The D1C, per the same report, will sell in two models separated by specifications and features. It is understood that the Nokia D1C will come in two screen sizes and memory configuration, and as expected different pricing.

But to be clear, the Nokia D1C is far from the rumored flagship models that are said to originate from Finland. Rumors are widespread that Nokia is working on two possible mobile devices that will be at par with soon-to-deploy Android flagships this 2017. The labels that have been floating around were Nokia Edge and Nokia P.

Last week, these handsets appear to be inching closer to reality as reports emerged that Qualcomm has actually demoed two Nokia flagship phones with SD 821 and 835 powering the devices. The claim was even supported by a YouTube clip showing off the two powerful smartphones that supposedly will shed their codenames soon in favor of the official Nokia 8 label.

Qualcomm, however, has denied that the company was responsible for leaking the Nokia 8 (or rumored as Nokia Edge and P). What was filmed a reference device but certainly not any of the Nokia 8 variants, the company insisted.

According to NokiaMob.net, "Nokia 8 reports are not accurate," pointing to the clarifying email sent by Nokia's PR department. The report added that Qualcomm refused to reveal the maker of the gadget that was showcased "but that the device is certainly not Nokia 8."

So the rumors surrounding the Nokia flagship will only continue to swirl with nostalgic smartphone fans left with no choice but to hope that the exciting specs and features being attached the Nokia Edge and Nokia P will become real, eventually.

As stated by DigiTimes on its report, Nokia will unveil the D1C or the Nokia 6 this coming February and will debut in two model. However, there will be more from Nokia as the company is supposed to stage a comeback in the mobile scene with up to seven smartphones and basic phones lined up for 2017 rollout.

The same report indicated that Nokia will likely push out its flagship bet in the third quarter of the year, hinting that if the Nokia Edge or P will turn out as two flavors of the Nokia 8, the release date will happen as early as July 2017.