• Smart Home on the 2015 Mobile World Congress Conference.

Smart Home on the 2015 Mobile World Congress Conference. (Photo : Getty Images)

Ericsson and China Mobile Communication Co., LTD signed an agreement on the cooperation with regard to the Internet of Things.

Both companies are aiming to start an in-depth cooperation for managing connections efficiently, which provides a consistent service to global enterprise customer as well as an opportunity to explore new Internet of Things markets.

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China Mobile will be using the Connectivity Platform of Ericsson Devices to streamline the provisioning process as well as to deploy services for capitalizing new business opportunities.

China Mobile will have the ability to integrate resources of roaming partners as well as the ability to unify the approach to customer portals and selection of access network through this platform.

The Connectivity Platform of Ericsson was launched way back in 2008, and was used by more than 24 operators with support to 1700 industry customers.

The company also works with the Global M2M Association and the Bridge Alliance for the vision of a seamless customer experience with the superior quality of service and worldwide coverage for Internet of Things applications

Yuejia Shia, the executive Vice President of China Mobile, said: “China Mobile expects to have 200 million IoT connections by 2017.

"We stick to the strategy of open cooperation with our partners for win-win results. China Mobile strengthens the collaboration with global leading enterprises of advanced platform, application and intelligent hardware to drive the rapid development of our industry, and provides superior applications and services to our customers.”

China Mobile is expecting to serve about 200 million connected devices by this year.

“We are very proud to be selected by China Mobile as a strategic partner for Internet of Things,” said the head of Ericsson's Region North East Asia, Chris Houghton.

Houghton added: "These types of applications will also help promote the development and deployment of 5G technology. We look forward to supporting China Mobile and developing this business while accelerating large-scale deployments of Internet of Things across the world."