• AMD Ryzen CPU, Zen based architecture.

AMD Ryzen CPU, Zen based architecture. (Photo : YouTube/ NCIX Tech Tips )

The AMD Ryzen CPUs are confirmed to release starting March 2 or immediately after the GDC 2017 where the Zen-based Summit Ridge chips are to be introduced. Up to 17 new processor variants belonging to the R7, R5 and R3 series will be made available in multi-core configurations with the R7 1800X Black Edition serving as the flagship CPU, a new report said.

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Pointing to a Chinese-language site as source, WCCFTech reported that the AMD Ryzen chips that were initially known as SR7, SR5 and SR3 will debut in early March as R7, R5 and R3 processors, and will be AMD's direct answer to the Intel's Core i7, i5 and i3 lineup. Beginning on the first week of March, the R7 chips will roll out and assume the role as AMD's "top-end processors which will be selling at enthusiast level prices," the report added.

The Ryzen R7 will hit the market at the same time of AMD's introduction of the AM4 platform and the necessary accessories to support the CPU's banner overclocking feature. Earlier reports have indicated that from Day One, AMD fans will be able to purchase high-quality AM4 motherboards and premium air/water cooling solutions that will allow users to take full advantage of the Ryzen chips' multiplier unlocked capability.

All Ryzen chips will sell unlocked and ready for overclocking right out of the box, AMD has confirmed.

The same report mentioned that "only the AMD R7 series would be initially available for the AM4 platform," and the revelation will happen within the GDC 2017 that will kick off February 27. It was likewise understood that the Ryzen R5 and R3 will be unveiled with the flagship CPU but when the actual availability remains unknown.

What is certain at the moment is that all processors will come out in multi-core configurations. The R7, for instance, will unbox in an 8-core/16-thread variant that will be marketed as the flagship AMD R7 1800X Black Edition with boost clock of 4.0GHz. WCCFTech is expecting that the R7 1800X will sell bearing a sticker price of between $500 and $600 though in earlier reports, this Ryzen model was thought to release with an asking price of up to $720.

The most premium Ryzen mid-ranger will be the R5 1600X that will boast of 6-core/12-thread configuration with base speed of 3.5GHz. This R5 variant is essentially AMD quashing the rumors that no 6-core Zen chip is coming out this 2017.

AMD's fastest entry-level chip will be the 4-core/4-thread Ryzen R3 1200X that WCCFTech said will impress with base clock of 3.4GHz.

Together, the R5 and R3 Ryzen chips will be AMD's mid- and lower-tier entries in the increasingly competitive processing chip market. The two Summit Ridge CPUs will appeal to users and buyers looking to score price-optimized PC machines, WCCFTech said on its report.

As mentioned, release date of the Ryzen R7 CPU series will start as early as March 2 but AMD fans hoping to get hold of the R5 and R3 chip models, likely cheaper with rumored starting price of $149,  will need to wait a bit longer.