• The PlayStation 4 Pro is an improved render of the PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is an improved render of the PlayStation 4. (Photo : YouTube/GameNewsOfficial )

A new firmware update is about to be released by Sony for their PlayStation 4 consoles as the patch will let the platform support external hard drives in the in the near future. The upcoming tweak is also set to enhance the console's performance and visuals.  

Firmware update 4.50 has already been announced to fans, though Sony has yet to provide a definite date for its release. However, the inbound software patch is currently on Sony PlayStation's Beta Program as invites are being sent out to individuals for them to try its initial draft.  

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As aforementioned, the new update will now have an external hard drive support. PS4 owners will now be saved from the console's dreaded message notifying them that it ran out of memory space.  With the new patch, players can now plug in a USB 3.0 external HDD with 8TB of space, according to Kotaku.  

Another interesting feature that got fans quite elated about the update is the Boost Mode feature. Nevertheless, the upcoming feature only applies to the PS4 Pro as it will enable the console to speed up both of its CPU and GPU clock speeds. In addition, games that were released early on prior to the PS4 Pro are expected to have better graphics and smoother gameplay once Boost Mode is activated, The Verge reported.  

Bear in mind, though, that the firmware is still in its beta phase as glitches and lags are expected to be met along the way. As of the moment, it has to be seen what issues may arise on 4.50's test run.    

Meanwhile, there are already quite a number of videos online of players testing out Boost Mode's beta version playing old PS4 titles. It is noticeable that the graphics quality has improved including a smoother gameplay that has doused doubts of some skeptics.  

Watch a couple of clips about the 4.50 firmware update and a video of a "Fallout 4" gameplay with Boost Mode turned on: