• The lobby of WeWork branch in Shanghai, east China.

The lobby of WeWork branch in Shanghai, east China. (Photo : Getty Images News)

The world's biggest co-working space operator WeWork will open several additional locations in China, according to Adam Neumann, WeWork's co-founder and CEO

The new locations include Yunan Lu, East Ocean Center and Huaihai Zhong Lu in Shanghai and Guanghua Lu in Beijing.

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Another location in Beijing will be opening by summer 2017.

Currently, WeWork has two locations on the Chinese mainland, in Yanping Lu and Weihailu, both in Shanghai.

Neumann was recently in China to meet investors, partners as well as potential tenants. He noted that since their mindset behind "Do What You Love" is in aligned with China's nationwide campaign for innovation and entrepreneurship, it allowed WeWork to rapidly expand in the country.

WeWork helps improve productivity and empowers start-up entrepreneurs to reach further heights, he added.

While there are many types of services offering offices at affordable rental costs, such as incubators, creative-industry parks, and co-working spaces, what differentiates WeWork is the networks and community they build up, which enable our members to be exposed to more business opportunities.

Believing that "creators" make the world a better place and sought to understand their demands, Neumann along with WeWork co-founder Miguel McKelvey started their business in 2010.They were just a small platform for co-working spaces with just one location.

By the end of 2016, the New York City-based WeWork has set up over 100 locations in 35 cities in 10 countries. It is now valued over $10 billion.

The number of companies availing their services is now nearly 10,000, ranging from start-ups to household names such as IBM, GE and Samsung, and forms a powerful community not offered by other operators.

Neumann also noted that WeWork does not only provide an affordable place to work in but also a way of working and living.

It is ideal for China's startups. With so much demand to be met, Neumann sees great opportunities for innovation and to grow in the world's second-biggest economy.