• The global mobile entertainment market is currently valued at $58.44 billion.

The global mobile entertainment market is currently valued at $58.44 billion. (Photo : Getty Images)

Skymoons Interactive, a Chinese mobile games developer, launches its new studio in Edinburgh located in the United Kingdom to mark its journey to the west.

The company started in Chengdu in Southwestern China's Sichuan Province in 2014 and is behind the popular mobile games Journey of the Flower, My Own Swordsman, Seer Superheroes, Zombie Wars, Three Kingdoms Power Up and Legend of Three Kingdoms.

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The games that are developed by the company have attracted more than 180 million users so far. Despite the huge number, its games are less well-known among gamers in the Europe and the United States than it is in China.

Jason Chiu, the senior director of corporate development of Skymoons, said: "Our games have achieved a very strong performance in China, and we are looking to build our new games to cater to a global audience."

The company has expanded its operations in Edinburgh under the leadership of Michael Boniface, a former Reload Games managing director. Boniface is looking to hire 21 employees over the next six months.

"China's really driving the mobile market I think the huge appetite for mobile titles in China is driving through to the West," Boniface said.

According to a joint report released by technology companies TalkingData and Newzoon, the Chinese mobile gamers market became the largest worldwide in 2015, The market generated $7.1 billion in that year, which is a 57 percent increase year-over-year.

The report also estimated the total revenue of the market in 2016 will be approximately $10 billion. It is anticipated that the total revenue will increase to $13.9 billion by 2019.

The Edinburgh studio of Skymoons will be developing a multiplayer mobile game in the coming months. Boniface added: "Skymoons' goal is to complement existing games with original and acquired titles that are better suited to Western tastes."

Skymoons also recently bought the global rights to develop a game that is based on "The Croods," a 2013 Dreamworks animation.