• Samsung is reportedly working on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to launch in 2017.

Samsung is reportedly working on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to launch in 2017. (Photo : YouTube/What Gear)

Samsung has already confirmed that the Galaxy Note 8 will certainly be released later this 2017. But a new report is claiming that the seventh instalment of the original phablet will be unpacked bearing a new name.

Details on the supposed Note 8 rebrand, according to WCCFTech, remain scarce but the latest word from social media posts coming from China indicated that the new name will underscore the device's S Pen accessory. "Since the phablet will no doubt be accompanied with the S Pen accessory, it looks like the company might name the flagship according to the attributes and functionality that the pairing of the S Pen with the Note 8," the report said.

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The latest information was picked from Weibo, China's biggest microblogging site, the report added.

No specific names were mentioned in the report but it can be assumed that the rebrand has something to do with the disastrous Galaxy Note 7. It's possible that Samsung will want to disassociate the upcoming phablet flagship from the Note 7, which the company totally recalled for defective battery that resulted to series of explosions.

At the moment, what the Note 8 will become remains vague save for the recent report from Android Pure that work on the device is now underway and it has already a codename - Baikal. Baikal, per the same report, refers to a region of Siberia but how exactly the name implies on the sequel to the Note 7 is still anybody's guess.

What is sure is that the Galaxy Note 8 even by a different name will channel nearly the same specs and features that will be seen from the Galaxy S8, but certainly with slight bumps. As the S8 is nearly confirmed to unbox with an all-screen profile so is Samsung's 2017 phablet flagship.

The Galaxy S8 will be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 chip and Samsung's own Exynos 8895 with up to 6GB of RAM support so it's fair to say that the same specifications will be seen when the Note 8 materializes.

And the GS8 will rock the latest build of Android Nougat right out of the box, which also applies with the Galaxy Note 8. But the chance is there that the latter will get a more updated mobile OS as Google is set to introduce Android O or version 8.0 by May 2017.

Traditionally, Samsung unveils its new phablet between August and September so if the same approach will be employed with the Galaxy Note 8 then the device release date will likely happen no later than October 2017.