• A concept image of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 shows the laptop with a rechargeable stylus.

A concept image of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 shows the laptop with a rechargeable stylus. (Photo : YouTube/CTNtechnology News)

Microsoft's Surface Pro 5 is coming out soon and this was hinted by the latest round of leaks that practically confirmed the Windows 10 hybrid device is set to touch down and it's only a matter of time. The indicators were found on a LinkedIn profile and a supposed render of the device.

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But the latter, according to Windows Central, is not to be trusted as the image showcased the Pro 5 nearly a doppelganger of the Surface Pro 4. It's easy to assume that the render detected on Microsoft's news site in France is just a case of mistaken identity.

"The render in question is identical to Surface Pro 4 renders used back in 2015, leading me to think the file name in question could simply be a typo," the same report noted.

In any case, the reference about the Surface Pro 5 on a LinkedIn profile appears more solid as the entry also mentioned Project NEON. Windows Central said the same endeavor is known to be the new design language that will be in effect with all the upcoming Windows 10 devices, and it's fair to say that among them are the Surface Book 2, the Surface Phone and the Pro 5 that will replace the Surface Pro 4.

The same LinkedIn leaked details also revealed that the SP5 is likely artificial intelligence or AI-ready as hinted by the listed task of "creating new speech models."

And if indeed the Surface Pro 5 will be the big jump from SP4 that it is touted to be, it will be Intel Kaby Lake with increased RAM provision that will be the chief driving force of the portable device. Also tipped as notable upgrade that will come with the SP5 package is an enhanced Surface Pen that can be charged magnetically.

Windows Central also pointed out on its report that signs are aplenty that say Microsoft is gearing up for its flagship tablet release. One is that the Surface Pro 4 is way over one-year old so its replacement is somehow overdue.

The SP4 has been the subject too of generous discounts from Microsoft and other retail partners, again highlighting the preparation for the SP5's arrival.

Lastly, the Windows 10 Creators Update rollout will certainly happen this coming March, further reinforcing the likelihood of the Surface Pro 5's nearing debut. It is believed that the SP5 will serve as the showcase device for the fresh features that will be deployed with the OS upgrade.

So all is pretty much set for the Surface Pro 5 release date that likely will happen between March and April this year but not before the device's rumored introduction via the MWC 2017 this February.