• 11th Shanghai International Film Festival 2008 - Opening Ceremony

11th Shanghai International Film Festival 2008 - Opening Ceremony (Photo : Getty Images)

Two months after she gave birth to a baby in January, 41-year-old Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin is set to return to the klieg lights with a new drama “My Boy” where she would be the female lead and producer.

Under Pressure

The seventh most popular celebrity in Weibo wth 74.49 million followers, Ruby Lin is known for her role in “My Fair Princess” and was last seen in the drama “The Way We Were” where she also doubled as producer and actress. Because her last project was a commercial hit, Ruby Lin admits she is under pressure to make another drama that is well received, although she said it is an internal pressure and not from the public, Toggle reported.

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Her co-star in the upcoming project is Taiwanese actor Derek Chang with whom she met twice. Since Derek Chang is only 24, the drama would be a May-December affair. Ruby Lin said that Derek Chang fits the role because he is both boyish and manly.

When he learned that he landed the role – which he considered a dream one since the watched Ruby Lin in “Apply in Your Eye” – Derek Chang yelled out of joy even if he was in his dentist’s clinic. He considers it a getting the role a dream-come-true, but admits feeling nervous working with Ruby Lin when filming begins in May.

Canned Movie

Meanwhile, a canned movie featuring Ruby Lin, “The Devotion of Suspect X” got a March 31 release date in North America, Australia and New Zealand. Distributed by China Lion Film Distribution and directed by “The Left Ear” director Alec Su, the Chinese-language movie is based on an award-winning novel by Keigo Higashino which is about a professor who helps in a murder probe, but found out that a friend and longtime rival from his university days could be involved.

There is a Japanese and Korean version of the novel with the same title, winner of the Naoki Prize for Best Novel. It was also nominated for the Edgar Award and Barry Award. Wang Kai essays the role of the professor and Zhang Luyi is his longtime rival, Deadline Hollywood reported.