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ACrush (Photo : ACrush)

Members of ACrush, the newest boy band in China, do not use the pronouns he or she. The five girls, most of whom are in their 20s, would rather use “meishaonian,” which is handsome youths in English.

Gender-Neutral Attire

Most of their fans are females who call the five girls “husbands” – a word female Chinese fans use for male celebrities whom they want to marry or have a crush on. The androgyny is further pushed by the short haircuts and gender-neutral clothes the band members wear, New York Post reported.

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The members of the band, whose official name is FCC-Acrush, all play soccer and incorporate the sport into their performance because all bands linked with Fantasy Football Confederation are required to play soccer. Their androgynous persona is in response to the entertainment industry in China looking for one such group to follow the footstep of Li Yuchun, winner of the “Super Girl” talent show in 2005, Zhou Xiaobai, the agent of ACrush, said. Ziaobai added that the group advocates freedom and not being bound by frames.

No Music Video Yet

Since they were formed in November, after a year of talent search, the boy band now has almost 900,000 followers on Weibo even if ACrush has not released yet a music video, Mashable reported. The “A” in ACrush stands, by the way, for the Greek god of male beauty, Adonis.

The group – made up of Lu Keran, An Junxi, Peng Xichen, Min Junqian and Lin Fan - performed in early March at a series of music events called “Husband Exhibition” held at universities in China. It was organized by Tencent, the social network giant in the country, as a showcase for new pop stars who are seen on its online streaming site, Quartz reported.