• Macau have western-like casinos that earn bigger revenue than Las Vegas.

Macau have western-like casinos that earn bigger revenue than Las Vegas. (Photo : Canva/ADT)

There are tons of gambling games around the world, and most of the time, it differs on how the games are played and the rules and regulations of each country.

Around the world, casinos have a massive regulatory body that assists countries in making sure that fair play is being implemented by both parties - from the player to the operator. 

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As an example, New Zealand's online casino industry is a really big business and that is why regulation is a must. The industry is being controlled by strict regulations from the federal government. Since people are free to place their bets on the track, it made the interest of gambling increased. In the 1980s, the lottery games were legalized by the government, which led to another decade of an increased gambling industry. In 1994, the casino industry was passed by the Parliaments that permit poker and having live venues for gambling across the country. New Zealand's Gambling act of 2003 consolidates all the existing laws, and was created to negate all the negative effects of online gambling.

Compared to New Zealand, gambling in China is totally prohibited and considered illegal; however, people can still participate in some state-run lotteries and gamble in the special regions like Hong Kong and Macau, as they have a legal system similar to the European countries.

The government in China operates two kinds of lotteries - the Sports lottery and the welfare lottery - while other forms of lottery and gambling are considered illegal under the law. There are various attempts before to put up legal casinos, but up to now, there's no success.

In Hong Kong, although some aspects of the Chinese law are being applied, there are certain forms of gambling that they consider legal and regulated. The countries' law is based on the English common law and was part of the British territory until 1997. An example of this is the Hong Kong Jockey Club that organizes much of the legal betting in the region.

Macau gambling has also been legalized since the 1850's because they were under the Portuguese colony. They have western-like casinos and even earn bigger revenue than Las Vegas.

Gambling in the United Kingdom, on the other hand, is being regulated by the UK gambling commission, wherein they have updated the gambling law by introducing a new structure of protections for children and vulnerable adults. They also brought the internet gaming sector within the British regulations.

UK's gaming act of 1968 gave way for more commercial casinos to be established, while the country's gambling act of 2005 paves way for much larger resort-style casinos.

Compared to other countries, gambling is legal in the United States, as it provides hundreds and thousands of jobs in the country. Although legal, there are also some restrictions in terms of interstate gambling. Each of their states is free to regulate or prohibit practices within its borders.

Gambling rules and regulations differ from each country, and if you're a person who loves to gamble, you may check this rules and regulations before visiting a certain country.