• Chrisha Choo in KPOP Star 6

Chrisha Choo in KPOP Star 6 (Photo : YouTube/PinoyScoop)

Kreisha Tiu/Chrisha Choo was one of the brightest young talents that competed in "K-Pop Star 6: The Last Chance," and she's preparing to make her highly-awaited solo debut this May.

Although Tiu only finished second in "K-Pop Star 6," she's definitely coming out strong as the first contestant to debut soon. Confirmation about Tiu's debut was made by her agency, Urban Works Entertainment, which said that the 17-year-old Filipino singer is preparing for her debut in May, Koreaboo reported.  The agency, however, clarified that nothing has been set in stone and it is possible that changes in her schedule will occur.

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"Since she appeared on the show, we delayed her debut. We are working hard so she can debut without any flaws," the agency added.

Tiu has been getting a lot of attention and praise for her cute visuals and amazing vocals. On "K-Pop Star 6," JYP Entertainment's J.Y. Park commented that "she's like a real star when she sings and dances." Even YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk was awe-struck by Tiu's performances.

In December 2016, Tiu was eliminated from the show until she was brought back as a wild card choice by the judges. She went on to finish in second place overall.

According to The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Tiu hails from Cebu City, Philippines, but grew up in San Francisco, California, where she was discovered and recruited by Urban Works Entertainment.

After signing with the agency, Tiu moved to South Korea with her mother and brother to proceed with her idol training and Korean language lessons. Despite having a different native tongue, Tiu surprised everyone with her Korean language skills and how well she can deliver songs in Korean.

Prior to her debut, Tiu will join "K-Pop Star 6" Live Concert together with her co-contestants including Kim So Hee, Kim Hye Rim, Lee Soo Min, Go Ah Ra, and Jeon Min Joo.

Tiu is also expected to return to the Philippines by the end of April to hold the first ever Kreisha Tiu fan meeting at the CAP Theater in Cebu City on April 30.