• Lionsgate Presents The LA Premiere Of Saban's Power Rangers

Lionsgate Presents The LA Premiere Of Saban's Power Rangers (Photo : Getty Images/Rich Polk)

“Power Rangers” apparently lacks the pulling power for the Chinese audience, unlike other recent Hollywood releases that broke box-office records. With the film’s opening day earning of $1.2 million in China, industry observers say the chance of the franchise still getting more sequels suddenly became bleak.

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The film did not flop in other countries with earnings of $85 million in the U.S. and another $50 million from the overseas exhibition. However, its dismal performance in China, the second-largest movie market in the world, dims the chances of sequels for the franchise.

Short of Expectations

The movie’s box office earnings already exceeded the film’s budget, but it fell short of the pre-release expectations of Lionsgate, the produce, Rome News Tribune reported. Gizmodo pointed out that until the China first-day opening flop, “Power Rangers” was still on track for a potential sequel.

The weekend China box-office of $3.3 million further dashes hopes of a sequel as planned by Lionsgate. Prior to the China debut of “Power Rangers,” Lionsgate said it has long-term plans for the franchise. The film’s performance at China’s box office and the impact of the results only confirm how valuable China has become in the eyes of Hollywood.

LGBT Character

One possibility behind the weaker-than-expected performance of the movie at the tills is the presence of an LGBT character and autistic superheroes which got mixed reviews from viewers. The reboot of the 1990s franchise stars Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks. It was directed by Dean Israelite.

Its weak performance at China’s box office pales in comparison to the earnings in China of another superhero movie, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” of $49.4 million opening weekend.