• 'Pokemon GO': Evolve Your Shiny Eevee at the Right Time

'Pokemon GO': Evolve Your Shiny Eevee at the Right Time (Photo : Eduardo Woo | Flickr)

There's no denying that "Pokemon GO" is still the most playable game present in the market today. With more adventures and surprises unfolding in the game, fans are excited as to how everything will be great this year. And while the audience thought that its creators already exhausted the updates that the game could give, "Pokemon GO" has still more in store for its players. With that, the right tricks and tips should be given to all its avid fans.

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This article originally appeared in The Business Times.

Collecting Shiny Eevees: How Could It Help You?

The last two days for the "Pokemon GO" players were really exhausting as they celebrate the Community Day weekend event. During that time, every player was advised to collect thousands of Eevees present. And while everyone was eager to get one, they are all clueless as to the right time where the creature should evolve.

With that, here are some of the things you should need to know with regards to your Eevee:

First, players should keep some of its collected Eevees and wait for Glaceon and Leafeon. It was told that these creatures would eventually be present in the game. Once they are already present, test if the name change strategy works. If the first one won't work, make sure to still keep an Eevee for future use. Despite the lesser powers that it could give, a shining Eevee would allow every user to show off in Gyms.

Lastly, make sure to use a buddy strategy for both Espeon and Umbreon. Just like the Gen 1 evolutions, these creatures also have a naming trick that is deemed effective. Users should change Espeon and Umbreon's names to Sakura and Tamao respectively. The good thing about this evolution is that Eevee could be of great help to users to control it. To keep things simple, make sure to make the latter a buddy of both and walk it for 10km. Once done, evolve the Espeon during daytime and the Umbreon during nighttime. Users should not forget the Eevee should be the buddy to make the evolution effective.

'Pokemon GO' Update: Get Registeel Now

Meanwhile, if you haven't had any chance to get one Registeel in your whole "Pokemon GO" journey, make sure to capture one now. This Legendary Pokemon will bid farewell to all Raid Battles this week. News told that August 16 would be the last opportunity to get one. It is still not sure if this creature would return in the next future.