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During the holidays, many students take advantage of seasonal jobs. This is a great option because many businesses have their peak hiring during the holidays. As such, students can easily find a job that can earn them some extra cash. Retail employees, summer camp counselors, and tax season jobs are just a few examples of what a student can take advantage of.

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One seasonal job that most students might not have considered is a job as a freelance writer. While it isn't always the first job that comes to mind, it can be the perfect fit from many college students.

Being a Freelancer as a Seasonal Job

One option students have when it comes to seasonal jobs is to work as a freelancer. Students, in particular, have a great chance in freelance academic writing because they have expertise in this field.

After all, there are is no one who has quite as much experience writing essays on a variety of topics than a college student who spends their days writing essays for grades rather than a profit.

What Advantage Do Student Freelance Writers Have?

An advantage that student freelance writers have is that while their peers are finding traditional seasonal work, you are working on essays. In other words, when other students are getting busy with work and are doing their best to keep up with their studies, student freelancers have the chance to help out for a profit.

For example, if another student is spending all their time trying to apply for and start their seasonal job, they can call you to help out with their APA research paper outline. In this transaction, the student gets the advantage of academic help and stress relief and you earn a profit.

An additional benefit is that when students work as freelance writers, they have the chance to create their own hours. If you have a number of exams one week, you can devote more time to your studies. Alternatively, when you have a day off, you can spend it working and getting a job done.

How Do Freelancer Make Money?

There are a few ways that freelancers make money. The simple version, though, is that a freelance writer writes the essay, article, or other product and they get paid upon delivery.

The differences here are if the freelancer works completely independently or if they work on a platform. The main difference here is that if a freelancer works independently, they are responsible for obtaining funds as well as completing the job at hand.

When a freelancer works on a freelancing platform such as Upwork, they have the advantage of a contract and middleman holding the client responsible for paying their fees to the freelancer. This reduces the risk of a freelancer having a client that disappears as soon as they receive a project. However, these platforms do tend to take a percentage of earnings for these services.

How Do Freelancers Find Clients?

The simple answer to this is that freelancers need to network. This can be done in-person or, thanks to the rise of the modern age, online.

Freelancing platforms and business platforms such as LinkedIn can help freelancers network online to find clients. As a different route, freelancers can find their clients by networking with the people around them. The more styles you can write in, the more luck you will have finding clients.

It should be noted that in-person networking isn't always the most effective choice for freelancers. For students, though, this is slightly more reliable. If you are focusing on essay writing, it's typically easier to find clientele because the target audience - those who need essays written - amongst their peers.

A Few Things You Need to Keep in Mind as a Freelancer...

If you want to be a freelancer, there are a few things to keep in mind as you go along.

First and foremost, freelance writers need to create a valuable product. If the essays a freelancer writes receive high marks, they are likely to have more repeat customers. On the other hand, if a freelancer's work receives low marks, they are not only likely to lose that client, they are also going to lose the potential clientele of anyone that client tells about the poor performance.

Another thing to keep in mind is the time frame in which you are writing. Many clients want the essays that a freelancer writes in as short a time period as possible. This way, the client has time to look it over and have plenty of time to turn it in.

The best freelancers will be able to deliver in a short time period without sacrificing the quality that comes from detailed research and editing. When giving a client a time frame, take into consideration how much time the essay will take to complete. Remember, harder jobs usually come with a higher fee for most freelancers.

Final Takeaway

Considering freelancing as your seasonal profession is a great idea. It can offer students the flexibility they need and it can offer them a profit at the same time! Additionally, they can use their seasonal job to help their peers with their seasonal job stress as well.