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What is Art?


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Art is a very wide activity that is performed by humans by having a picture in their minds. It is a sketch of their thoughts running in their minds. It requires a beautiful mind to interpret and understand that art. It is a state of that mind. Everyone has its thinking about art. A human himselfis a classic piece of art. The thoughts awoken in his mind lead to this classic art.

Street Art:

Street art also follows the same mechanism. Many of you have seen the pictures called graffiti drawn on the walls in many streets. Those pictures are depicting the state of mind of that person. It tells a lot about the condition of whatever the person is thinking or set the basis to make that thing. It is a diverse field and requires a lot of work to sketch the picture in one's mind.


When a kid is admitted in the school, the teachers put a lot of focus on the child and study the thoughts of the child by engaging him in drawing and sketching. They want to study the mind of the kid by engaging them into such co-curricular activities because art is the only subject that can tell you about the state of someone's mind. Having basic studies of art can let you build a good artist out of yourselves. Drawing and sketching are the basis of the Art. If you hold a brush and try to draw or paint something,the quality of picture depends on your imagination. It is the imagination and thinking which differs the best piece of Art from others.

Terms of Street Art:

Street Art is divided into many different terms. It is also known as the guerrilla art,but most commonly, it is known as graffiti among many peoples. Different techniques are involved in this. Neon graffiti, spray paint graffiti, sticker art,and stencil graffiti are different forms of street art. School, college and universities students take a lot of part in these activities. It not only beautify the streets but it also gives a chance to the person to depict its thoughts and his state of his mind.  The picture or slogan painted on the wall not only tells us about the person but also tells us about the environment in which the painter lives. It also carries a very strong message for its viewer.


Apart from painting and spraying, the most common type of street art is the LED art. What it involve is making a picture or slogan using LED's. It is the most common method used by the shopkeepers to write the name of their shops to make it beautiful and attractive. This LED art has gained the attention of many people around the world,and many people use it in their shops to attract the buyers.  Different cafes, bars,and other shops can be seen decorated with such LEDs that glow in the dark and make a very beautiful and serene effect on its viewers.  Different advertise can be seen running on tall buildings. They are being played on these LED's. IT is not an art but has now become a business throughout. These LED's are installed for advertisements,and the companies pay the owners to play their advertises on that LED. It not only adds a beauty to the building or street but it attract people towards it.


Many people of all ages are into this field. They depict their skills by painting the streets and making random pictures or writing the slogans. This mean does Even advertising of a product or shop. The painter takes a handsome amount and advertise about your product by making a graffiti or pictures on the streets in different parts of the city. If there is some clash in the public and government, then different slogans can be seen written on the walls that shows the anger or whatever thinking about the public about the government. It is also a type of street art.

Street Art Festivals and events:

Street art has become very common nowadays. Different events are organized in which the painters are invited to show their skills and talents in this field. Many people around the world take part in these events and show off their skills related to painting and drawing in the streets. These events are hosted by the professional painters and random people visit this who then rate the pictures and choose the best art from all. Such events are not only the source of entertainment,but they also provide the people with a chance to show their skills. In some cases, many people are selected from the event who are then trained to flourish their skills so they can make themselves a good arts man.

One of such event occurred in Aberdeen where a street art competition was organized. This event continued for some days,and many people attended this event. The participants showed their skills and talents by making graffiti, picture and writing slogans on the walls. Their neatness, color selection,and designing was the best thing to watch. Every participant made a random thing according to the sketch in his mind.

Spray paints and other different types of markers were used in the painting of the pictures. They used many attractive colors that attracted the visitors to the artwork. The main objective of the event was to make the city beautiful by street arts and to give the people a chance to show their skills and talent. Many top-notch artists attended this event and showed their artwork on the streets of Aberdeen.


Importance of Street Art Festivals:

Such events are healthy activities and promote artwork among the people. They cause awareness among the people that what they can do to make their streets beautiful. They also get a chance to flourish their skills in this field. The main difference between a street artist and a normal artist is that the street artist uses the walls as its canvas and the normal artist uses the paper as its canvas. It requires a lot of experience and interest to become a good artist. An artist shares its thoughts and emotions by painting a picture. It only requires a deep thought and a good eye to get the meaning of the picture whether made on the wall or a paper.

Many countries organize these events once a year. It is also a very good opportunity to pay tribute to the senior artists who had work for art and spent their whole lives working for the betterment and welfare of arts. Street art festivals are also a good means of helping poor and needy people. It makes jobs and earning for poor and jobless people. Also one can also donate the earnings of this festival for the welfare of humanity by donating the money to poor people or to such organizations, which work for the rehabilitation and welfare of poor and homeless persons.

In street art festivals artists from all over the world come and show their artwork which helps in promoting the street art,and it makes interest in people that urges them to come into this field. They not only make themselves famous but also get a good name for their country. They can be helpful for many people around,and people can learn a lot from them.

There are still many people who do not know what art is. So such events should be promoted more and more so that more people can come to learn about them and get benefit from them. Government should fund such events so that more and more events can be organized and more people can get benefit from them.