In accordance with the latest study published by Technavio, the global eyewear industry is expected to reach USD 150 billion in revenue by 2020.

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There are many exciting breakthroughs in the materials and designs for frames and lenses. When choosing a pair of eyeglasses, there's a lot more to it than making sure they just impressive. Lenses and frames are available in a wide range of materials.

Types of Frames

Frames can be found in acetate (plastic material) as well as steel materials such as stainless steel and the epitome of metal and titanium.

Rimless frames are popular for their almost invisible appearance and lightweight comfort.

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In lenses, the choice is broader which range from standard materials to hi-tech, thin, lightweight materials of the Transitions lens which lighten indoors and darken in sunlight.

New Technology in Lenses

You can find numerous exciting breakthroughs in the materials and design for lenses:

  • High Index Materials for lighter & thinner lenses
  • Aspheric Lens Designs for less bulgy, flatter lenses
  • Uv-Blockers to counteract the dangerous Ultra-violet rays
  • Photosensitive Materials that change color in response to sunlight
  • Progressive Lenses for those who need bifocals
  • Occupational Lenses with unique designs for different jobs, such as VDU operators

All these provide lighter and thinner lenses, offering better optics and a more natural eyesight improvement.

Other Types of Lenses and Glasses

Prescription Sunglasses

Firmoo an online optical store feels that it's important to be able to offer an all-inclusive range of sunglass frames that can easily be fit with prescription lenses in contemporary and modern sizes and shapes. The company has a qualified and experienced team of experts who are in the field of prescription sunglasses. The customers can easily access the best and latest styles of prescription glasses and receive personalized and friendly service.

You should understand that not all of the designs in each and every range can be fitted with a prescription. About 50% of those available in each and every range can be done, as the other half can't. Firmoo's professionals gladly help you to find the best frame option for your prescription lenses.

Sunglass frames with an extra wrap style can cater to prescription lenses up to a specific strength of around +/-5.00 sphere; however, it has to be examined on a 'frame by frame' basis.

Some other elements for example astigmatism may further confuse the frame assortment. Usually, sunglasses retailers (who don't have access to educated eye care experts) find it hard to suggest a sunglass frame that could be ideal for the fitting of prescription lenses.

It's not easy to put any prescription in sunglasses with a new shield design. Several sunglasses companies like Firmoo has systems to make prescription lenses for their own frames collection.

Progressive Lenses

Every person in his or her early 40's is afflicted to some extent by a natural loss of vision or focusing ability known as presbyopia. Normally, this is remedied with either reading glasses, bifocals, trifocals or even progressive lenses.

Some quick features of Progressive lenses:

  • Progressive lenses provide exceptional results for most people.
  • They give a focus for long distance, near and almost all distances between.
  • Cosmetically they are "younger" with no lines.
  • The eyesight improvement is more natural for the particular wearer.
  • Progressive lenses are usually known as multi-focal or graduated lenses.

Progressive lenses are made so the distance prescription can be used during straight-ahead vision and the reading prescription while in down-gaze. This, in that case, provides a natural eyesight range without any lines in the lens (which may get in the way on stairways for example).